Bluegrass Vascular to assume responsibility for the sales and distribution of the Surfacer® Inside-Out® Access Catheter System

December 27, 2022

San Antonio, TX – Bluegrass Vascular Technologies, Inc. (BVT) is excited to announce that effective January 1, 2023, we will assume responsibility for the sales and distribution of the Surfacer® Inside-Out® Access Catheter System. BVT has come to a mutual agreement with Merit Medical to end the current distribution agreement. As the developer and manufacturer of the Surfacer System, as well as successfully implementing all of the regulatory, clinical research, peer-reviewed publication and reimbursement initiatives associated with the device, BVT is well-qualified to take on this responsibility.

The Surfacer System is a lifesaving device for hemodialysis patients on catheters and patients with other conditions requiring venous access who have central venous occlusions. The device received a De Novo classification order from the FDA in February 2020 and is the only device which has received regulatory clearance for obtaining central venous access to facilitate catheter insertion into the central venous system for patients with upper body venous occlusions or other conditions that preclude central venous access. Additionally, there are numerous peer-reviewed publications now available which document the safety and efficacy of the device and a New Technology APC code which enables reimbursement for the Surfacer procedure when performed for Medicare beneficiaries in a hospital outpatient setting.

Merit Medical will continue to sell the product and support/proctor Surfacer cases until December 31, 2022. Beginning in 2023, BVT’s internal sales team will assume responsibility for sales and the support of Surfacer cases.

In line with the above, Dan Beney has joined the company’s executive team as Vice President of Sales (link to announcement). Dan most recently led Sales at Avenu Medical with the Ellypsis® product. We have also hired territory sales managers with extensive experience selling and supporting vascular interventional products and procedures. In addition, BVT has engaged several experienced Surfacer System proctors to provide you with the best clinical support possible.

Contact us at if you would like to initiate the process of offering the Surfacer procedure to your patients. Our sales team will work with you to arrange training and assist with institutional approval for the device.

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